Monday, March 29, 2010

Dangle Mandala Earrings in Sapphire

This pair of Dangle Mandala Earrings continues to be very popular for us. The stones are burnish-set so that they lie flush with the 18K gold surface of the earring. In addition to the blue sapphire pair pictured above, we make them in diamond, ruby, orange and pink sapphire. It is a dainty dangle that somehow is right for both the office and every day as well as a little sparkle for when you go out on the town. It seems to lie just right on most everyone I have seen try them on (which is saying something for earrings!)

These earrings were recently featured in Princeton Magazine's Bridal issue.

The Mandala symbol that we use in our jewelry represents harmony, balance and focus. We hope it lends some of these qualities to each and every wearer.

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